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From Down the Rabbit Hole

The World of Maya. dreams. hair. bohemian. sarcasm. vinyl. cats. haagen dazs. classical music geek. the desert. dia de los muertos. surrealism. hookah. seashells. mango lassis. the bay. shadows. a slight breeze. redwood city. chili pepper lights. ceremonials. the scent of jasmine. theatrics. eucalyptus. killer basslines. liquid eyeliner. sunshine. middle eastern food. tattoos. literature. boston. burning incense. llamas. drum solos. leather. san francisco. iced coffee. psychology. otters. bacon. gypsies. interlochen. tornado of emotions. the 650. edgar allen poe. resilience. the beach at night. orange juice. pisces. impatience. marinas. squirrels. windchimes. hoop earrings. highlights. lace. dramatic flair. red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. nose piercings. psychedelia. the planets. steinway concert grand. high heeled boots. peacock feathers. portobello road. faded denim. mary jane.
May 8 '13
To begin with, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Patton.

To begin with, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Patton.

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